history_v2East Malling Research
1913 – 1916

Originally founded by fruit growers in 1913, the research centre at East Malling was established from very modest beginnings – a few acres of land, a small laboratory building and a scientist. The aim was to address common problems being experienced across the fruit growing sector, to share the knowledge gained and profit all fruit-growing businesses in the process.

Over the past 100 years the estates contribution to agricultural and fruit science has been extensive;

  • The ‘M’ series of East Malling rootstocks, which control tree growth and fruiting habits, has underpinned a revolution in the way fruit trees are managed in orchards and gardens. Malling rootstocks were taken up by growers all round the world and today, a significant proportion of the global apple production that reaches the consumer, can still trace its roots back to East Malling
  • East Malling is also the rightful home of so-called controlled atmosphere storage – keeping produce fresher for longer and enabling us all as consumers to enjoy a global supply chain delivering affordable fruit, 365 days of the year
  • Pest and disease control techniques, such as novel insect traps, developed at East Malling are providing industry with effective orchard management practices aiming at reducing crop losses
  • Propagation systems have been developed to underpin the fruit and ornamentals sectors
  • New varieties of soft and top fruit have helped growers and gardeners boost yields of quality fruit – ‘Malling Centenary’, the latest strawberry is receiving much acclaim by food and gardening journalists
  • Systems to improve the long-term sustainability of food produce are reducing the amount of water and nutrients required to produce crops
  • New scientific tests have been developed – some of which are now used in laboratories across the globe.

In February 2016, the research business was acquired by NIAB. Click here to visit the press release. 

Today, the team at NIAB EMR is investing in the employment of a new cadre of scientists to further broaden its research capability. Our countryside is constantly changing under man’s influence: the ‘Garden of England’ will continue to change as food production systems evolve – with the team at NIAB EMR leading those advances.

Click here to visit the NIAB EMR website.